Who we are


The Cyprus Welding Institute constitutes a non profit initiative of a group of Cypriot scientists and professionals in the sector of welding, cutting and metal treatment

What we offer


The goal of the team is to create a scociety in our coutry in order to promote the science of welding and the exchange of knowledge and experience among its members 

Our impact


Through this initiative, professionals in Cyprus can easily gain access in technical knowledge and seek solutions to the complicated problems that he faces daily.


The activities of Cyprus Welding Institute

Through scientific articles, presentations, seminars, lectures and publications, we try to provide to the market a gateway to knowledge and understatement of new technologies, methods and correct engineering practices of the welding sector.

As the representative of the International Institute of Welding, we ensure for the Cypriot welding personnel, education and knowledge transfer with the highest standards 

All seminars and educational programs of the Institute follow the structure and guidelines determined by the technical committees of the International Institute of Welding.

International acknowledgment of the Institute

The culmination of the Institute's action was in 2015 when the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and the European Welding Federation (EWF) after an extensive evaluation process, have appointed the Cyprus Welding Institute as their exclusive representative in our country. Thus, in recognition of his prestige and scientific knowledge, the Cypriot professional is confident that he will turn to the most appropriate authority in the country to receive advice that will do his utmost in his work and science.